Revenue, Promotions and Marketing On The Blockchain


On November 2nd, 2018, the most influential leaders from the Media, Entertainment & Blockchain industries will gather at the Infinity Film Festival Beverly Hills to discuss the impact of Blockchain technology on Hollywood. Hollywood On The Blockchain will introduce new revenue models, innovative promotional and marketing tactics and illustrate how blockchain technology will lead the technical transition throughout the industry.


Speakers From:

…and other industry  leaders will showcase Blockchain platforms and executions.


We are the people at the forefront of one of the most revolutionary changes to the internet since it's invention.  We will share tales from the frontlines, so you can learn about the challenges, the opportunities, and the best practices. We want to demystify the Blockchain so people can understand all of the great things that are enabled by this technology


All attendees will receive the world’s first “Digital Swag Bag” powered by Blockchain technology and GFT™ Authentic Digital Collectibles™.  The “Digital Swag Bag” will contain location-based and air dropped GFT™Authentic Digital Collectibles™, offers from various event partners, and local Beverly Hills businesses as well as one of a kind collectibles from the events’ artistic participants.

11/2 @ Writers Guild Theater

9:00 am • Keynote: How Hollywood Leverages The Blockchain 

10:00 am • Blockchain For Non-Technical Marketing Executives 

11:00 am • Crypto Collectibles: Entertainment's New Revenue Stream 

12:00 pm • Blockchain Distribution: Flipping The Model From Intrusion To Value Exchange 

1:00 pm • Lunch: Data On The Blockchain: Who Owns It? 

2:00 pm • Putting Your Ads On The Blockchain: How Does It Work And Why Is It Better? 

3:00 pm • Getting Paid: How the Blockchain Is Streamlining Payments To Rights Holders. Music Publishing And Mechanical Rights Tied To The Blockchain 

4:00 pm • Using Blockchain To Re-imagine The Shopper Experience For Retailers And CPG Brands 

5:00 pm • Cocktail Party