The IFF Student Lab™ presented by

As part of the mission of IFF to “Experience Limitless Media™” students are invited to participate in the new Infinity Film Festival in Beverly Hills through the exhibition of their work. At the core of our DNA is a strong focus on a multitude of formats and interactions showcasing the limitless opportunities in experiencing media.

Students are invited to submit to the Awards Showcase and to apply for participation in the “IFF Student Lab” which will showcase students’ emerging media projects.


The Infinity Film Festival is working to approach awards differently. Our motto is “Ready Player...Everyone!” with each category from narrative to documentary to immersive or gaming open to all, including a special IFF category, “Original Mobile and Social Media Competition,” for anyone with a cell phone! Each award category is open to all students. More information on rules and regulations and how to submit can be found here:


This content showcase is an opportunity for students to showcase work where their ‘Story is Advanced by Technology.’ The showcase will take place November 1st and 2nd. Those chosen to participate in the lab will receive free registration to attend the entire Infinity Film Festival and participate in sponsor-led educational workshops presented by Epic Games and Unreal Engine, exclusive networking engagements with speakers and sponsors, take home packages from event sponsors, as well as engage with interactive tech experiences throughout Beverly Hills. This is an additional experience available to students, and they are encouraged to apply here:

Los Angeles has long been the entertainment capital of the world, and now Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach have become critical forces in this ecosystem. Yet, there has been no film festival to address all of these converging industries...until now. We are excited about the future creators participating in this ecosystem and look forward to seeing and experiencing their submissions!